What Console is Right for M3? Playstaion Edition

With the wide range of ways to play video games nowadays its hard to determine what console is the right fit. Factors like affordability, level of investment, types of games and family size provides difficulty in deciding which console will satisfy most if not all needs. The following series will breakdown the major consoles available and hopefully give you better insight as to what each gaming console offers and in turn allow you to make a more informed decision for your entertainment pleasures.

Sony’s Playstaion 4 is first up and comes in a 2 different models. The PS4 Slim is the cheaper of the two available models and is priced at $379 CDN currently on amazon. The PS4 Pro the more expensive alternative is currently selling at $499.99 on amazon. It provides gamers with the ability to play games in 4K which for the added price provides better performance and graphics. The Playstation is marketed towards teens and older gamers who are not foreign to home console gaming. With emphasis on online gaming and single player story driven franchises, Playstation contributes a massive collection of exclusives and third-party games to enjoy. The PS4 also is able to stream your favorite movies and shows on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu as well as play downloaded Blu-ray movies. Playstation Now also provides a Netflix like service that enables you to stream some PS4 and older PS3 games for a subscription fee.

This is my current home console of choice. A personal favorite of the recent games I’ve played was Neir: Automata which has you controlling 3 different android protagonists to protect humanity from a robot infested earth in a role playing, hack and slash game. The Ps4 fulfills my need for story driven single player games as well as providing online capabilities to allow me to play multiplayer games with my friends. If you enjoy great storytelling and would like to take a more interactive approach the PS4 comes highly recommended.

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