What console is for M3? Xbox Edition

In Part two of the series we breakdown what Microsoft and Xbox has to offer when it comes to the home gaming experience.

Microsoft’s Xbox has a similar strategy to Sony in carrying two differently priced models. The Xbox One S is priced at $336 CDN on amazon. This provides students and young teens (or their parents) the most affordable price of the 3 major home consoles Like the PS4 Pro, Xbox One X (priced at $575 CDN) provides beefier specs to allow gamers to play games in 4K with unmatched performance and graphics. It is currently the most technological advanced of all home consoles available. Xbox currently strives on being the most online gaming friendly console with its matchmaking services in Xbox Live and its current ideology of opening up cross-play with Xbox players to PC and Nintendo Switch. This is the ability to buy a game with cross-play capabilities on your preferred console while still being able to play with friends and other players who may have purchased the game on another gaming platform. Xbox has a few staple exclusives in the Gears of War and Halo series but relies on third-party games as majority of its gaming catalog. While Xbox also allows you to stream movies and tv-shows via streaming services it is equipped with a built in Blu-ray player so you can enjoy 4K Blu-ray movies if you own the discs. What Xbox does differently in Game Pass its gaming streaming service, is allows players to play New Xbox titles as well as provide backward-compatibility (using previous generation Xbox games on newer consoles) through downloadable content.

Xbox One X (Black) and Xbox One S (White)

I previously owned a Xbox One from 2013 to 2016 and had quite the enjoyable experience with the console. Some of the notable titles that I played during that time were Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and The Division. Both are from the shooter genre of gaming and while Black Ops 3 provided a single player campaign to continue the futuristic direction the Call of duty games had been taking at that time, the main attraction was its multiplayer experience. I remember putting in hours into that game trying to unlock all the various guns and skins they came in. The Division on the other hand is part of the sub-genre looter-shooters which takes elements from role playing games such as customizable characters and skill tree development and incorporate it with action-shooter games and has become a popular trend in gaming. My roommate and I at the time got quite invested into the game and stayed up on multiple weekends to level up our respective characters. We were so invested I ended up helping him with a project that used some of the footage of gameplay we had from our playthroughs.

If you’re looking for an affordable console that provides great online experiences or even all-in-one media device that allows for streaming and blu-ray support, the Xbox One X is the console to choose.

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