What Console is for M3? Nintendo Edition

In this final installment, we introduce what Nintendo brings to the table when it comes to the home console market and see if this is a right fit for your household.

Nintendo provides the most accessible and versatile of all home gaming consoles currently on the market. The switch is both home and portable gaming console. It comes with a docking station that when connected to a TV allows for users to play at home. But also allows users to carry it with them on the go with a tablet like screen attached with controllers called joy-cons that can be used as one collective joystick or two individual controllers. The switch is priced at $430 CDN on Amazon and falls in between Sony and Microsoft for affordability. Nintendo usually markets towards younger children but this console has something for all ages to enjoy. If you’re a big fan of co-operative couch play or big party like events with friends, the Nintendo switch provides hit franchises like Mario Party, Mario Kart and Super Smash brothers which allows for as much as 4 players (8 for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate) to enjoy gaming fun on one TV. Or if role playing games are more your speed, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild provides a healthy dose of action with a return from one of the most notable figures in the Video game industry. Nintendo provides a heavier mix of exclusive titles than Xbox but less than Sony while still providing added value in many of the third-party franchises they have gained access to. Nintendo loses in its online connectivity and services. Unlike the Xbox and PS4 there is no real support for video streaming on the Nintendo switch which may influence your purchase if you’re looking for an all-in-one type of console. With Nintendo’s new implementation of online play in recent years, it will take years for it to develop an infrastructure like Playstation Network and Xbox Live but currently Nintendo and Xbox are in talks to bring its online services over to the Switch.

I currently don’t own a Nintendo switch myself but have had the luxury of trying it out. During the Christmas season my best friend had brought his switch to my house and I forgot how much fun couch play with friends is. We played a few games but the highlight was Super Mario Party. Missing are the days where you could invite a bunch of friends over and enjoy each others company while playing games you enjoy. The emphasis on online-play in today’s video game climate had almost made those kind of experiences obsolete so it was refreshing to feel more connected to the people I’m playing with instead of interacting with sometimes a complete stranger online. The controllers though very small in my hands, was surprisingly easy to use for the actions needed for most of the switch games we played. The added ability for it to be taken on travels adds a layer of value that appeals to the sometimes obsessive gamer I am. With the recent news of a new Pokemon game this might be my perfect opportunity to invest in a switch while the games continue to roll out.

The Nintendo Switch is the perfect console for all gamers alike; causal, or hardcore. It has a bit of everything to cater to the diverse market of gamers out there. Its focus on kid-friendly games makes this also an ideal console for families with young children who you might want to monitor what kind of games they are playing and possibly interacting and enjoying the line-up of games the Switch has to offer yourself.

2 thoughts on “What Console is for M3? Nintendo Edition

  1. We own a Switch console and absolutely love it. It’s a console for people like me (who only grew up playing Nintendo games) and for people like my boyfriend (who grew up with multiple consoles). Another reason it is so versatile is that there are easy games for older and younger inexperienced gamers to pick up on. My parents have come over and played Super Mario Kart with us and found it relatively easy to get into! I think this is perfect for families or for households that want versatile gaming for casual gaming needs while also being able to cater to those more serious gamers. Love it!


    1. I think the biggest thing for me that deterred me from enjoying the wii era of Nintendo was the lack of games catering towards a more mature audience. They have since addressed that with the Switch and couldn’t agree more with the fact it provides something for both casuals and more experienced gamers. I believe Nintendo has finally figured out the formula of bringing in a new generation of Nintendo fans while still providing new experiences to aging and already established fans.

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