Code Vein First Impr3ssions

This past weekend I had the pleasure of trying out Code Vein for the PS4. I had heard about the game through GameSpot and it visuals looked cool enough for me to want to try it. I had to register on the Bandia Namco website to be eligible to receive a code for the network test. This breakdown will be some of my first initial thoughts of the game during my hour and a half play-through.

The first thing is the game plays like the soul-borne series created by from software. They have made a name for themselves with the distinct style of play displayed in these series. One thing is in these type of games is you will die often. Even veterans of the franchise can attest to this. I myself have not played any of the soul-borne games so this is an introduction to these types of games.

One of the major highlights from the network test is the deep customization system. This type of attention to detail rivals Monster Hunter World. Options for your hair style, individual eye color, attire provide unique selection choices. Options for the voice of your character were also present. This lead me to believe your character would have dialogue options in game but came to find it was not the case.

Your player takes control a reverent. These immortal beings own special powers that connect with blood codes. The blood codes unlock skill sets used for battle against the monsters of the world deemed “The Lost”. The Lost are reverents who have forgotten themselves and transformed into different beings. Measures to prevent the transformation exist like using purifying masks. But other circumstances in the game allow for the transformation to be inevitable.

The mission I had played tasked you with being with an ally to find an item called Blood Beads. These blood beads acted as nourishment reverents when they began to have cravings. Like the from software games timing attacks and parrying play a key role in survival. I found myself button mashing attacks but soon realized this tactic would not play out well in the long run. Your stamina meter is key to ensure the timing of offense and defense maneuvers. Haze, the experience points in game unlocked access to equipment and special attacks. I was able to use the Fighter, Ranger and Caster blood codes with picking up a liking to the Ranger blood code. Equipped with a bayonet, I fought through the level in search of Blood beads. I made it pass one boss fight which was easier than anticipated. I also discovered the hub area where you can buy weapons, consumables and other items for battle. Before I could explore more, the network test ended there.

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I have positive expectations for this game when it does release. The network test did a great job of displaying the game mechanics and feel of its full release. I found myself wishing the network test was longer given how much I was enjoying the game. There was a missed opportunity with the voice options in being able to have a dark or light path. Having this corresponding dialogue could add to its replay-ability. It’s too early to say the full direction the game will take but I will keep myself glued for its impending release.

Code Vein created Bandai Namco will release for PS4, Xbox as well as Microsoft Windows this year.

3 thoughts on “Code Vein First Impr3ssions

  1. Do you have any suggestions on games for PS3 that are similar to Mario brothers? Haha.


    1. Rayman Origins/Legends are two really good platformers that I believe are both for PS3 and should be relatively cheap as well.


  2. I am sure that those who are looking forward to the release find your post helpful!! I shared it with my adult boys! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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